Cactus Ray's, Burscough

4 Apr 2024

Songs performed:

  1. You Just Told Me Everything
  2. Book Of Love
  3. California
  4. John The Prophet
  5. The Road Ahead
  6. Until The Wind Changes
  7. Coconut Joe
  8. I Want You To Know


This was my 3rd appearance at Cactus Ray's.

Every song performed this venue (to date):

  1. Book Of Love (3 occasions)
  2. Made In Manhattan
  3. The Road Ahead (2 occasions)
  4. Until The Wind Changes (2 occasions)
  5. I Want You To Know (2 occasions)
  6. California (2 occasions)
  7. John The Prophet (3 occasions)
  8. Cows
  9. Coconut Joe (2 occasions)
  10. Haven't You Had Enough?
  11. You Just Told Me Everything

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