Until The Wind Changes

Written by John Galantini

She waits at the window Lingers in Limbo Reading the Bible Tentatively And the pleasant exchanges That her mother arranges Until the wind Changes So shall it be

She lives on an island With a history of violence Of smugglers and pirates Of scoundrels and thieves Going back generations To the days of plantations Awkward conversations So shall it be

And the inns for sailors But the beds are for whalers Exchanging their stories Gloriously And there's no way of knowing Wherever they're going And while beer is flowing So shall it be

They sing La la la la la la la La la la la la la la La la la la la la la...

The keeper's discerning But he keeps the lamp burning As fog comes a-rolling In from the sea There's a sound in the distance That rewards his persistence Such a loney existence So shall it be

Now whether its secrets Or whether its business Whatever the reason Whatever they please Down through the ages In the strangest of places Until the wind changes So shall it be Until the wind changes So shall it be

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