Released: 22 May 2023
  1. Now The Future Has Come
  2. Made In Manhattan
  3. California
  4. The Road Ahead
  5. Knife In My Heart
  6. Standing On The Water
  7. Show Me Again
  8. Cows

The album was largely written in 2022. In August 2022, my wife announced we were expecting our first child and they'd be due in May. I knew it would be impossible to record an album with a newborn in the house, so I set an end-of-April deadline for finishing the record.

"Made In Manhattan" was developed from three separate song ideas. The song was written following a trip to New York and contains a reference to the film 'Zombi 2', also known as 'Zombie Flesh Eaters'.

The rain heard during "Show Me Again" was captured at the time of recording vocals. I took a break from recording my voice and placed the microphone by the open window for about 10 minutes, capturing the sudden downpour, figuring it could be used in the song.

The outro for "The Road Ahead" was originally intended as the album's opener, accompanied by the sound of passing cars at the roadside. The idea was to have the instrumental playing on a car stereo or gas station radio.

"Cows" was written in the final weeks of recording and felt like it deserved inclusion on the album.

Three songs were dropped from the record at the last minute: "I Imagined This Day", "Open The Bottle", and "Coconut Joe". "Coconut Joe" was subsequently released as a single.

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